413ag9oygml_aa280_So far this series has focused on things you can hold, but this is something that holds you. So to speak. Raving about underwear might seem a little weird but until I bought a pair by ExOfficio I never really cared what I was getting. I wanted something that fit and didn’t look retarded, other than that i bought whatever was cheapest. I bought a pair of their boxer briefs after hearing many people singing their praises, kind of just to see what all the hype was about and shortly there after bought several more pair and threw out everything else.

In addition to being stupidly comfortable, these guys pretty much have it all. They are crazy thin meaning packing a few for a trip takes up next to no room, and they dry in a few hours so you can wash by hand in hotel rooms and bring less in the first place. They are also made out of crazy magic future material that does all the stuff you want underwear to do. Basically think of this – how many times has someone told you how awesome their underwear is? I can only think of 2-3 times it’s happened to me and they were all referencing some made by ExOfficio. There’s a reason for that. Trust me, it’s worth the experiment to see for yourself. You can buy many styles and colors direct from them, but they are on Amazon too. And while I’m specifically talking about stuff for dudes, since, you know, that’s what I wear – they make the same stuff for the ladies too. (You’ll forgive my use of stock photography on entry one I hope.)