new sbdc frontI’ve been wanting to make the front page of look like that for years, or at lease wanting to use that idea for years. And now it’s finally live and I can’t stop smiling. I know it will mean next to nothing to most people but I’m giddy over it. The first person (who I didn’t tell already) who can correctly name the reference will get something as a prize. I haven’t figured out what yet, so it’s entirely possible that the prize will suck, but it will be a prize none the less. So… know what it is?

Update! We have winners! From the comments here SFSlim and Fuzzy both nailed it, though since the new blog has a fancy setting that I didn’t know about where I have to approve a comment by someone first before they can post freely their answers didn’t make it live. Also Jim O’Connell got it on Twitter. And yes, I’m a huge fan. 🙂