MoondogAnyone with any real taste in music knows how amazing Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand are but recently after finding my Rival Schools CD (which had been lost in a box for years) I’ve been really getting into that. Of course these are all Walter Schreifels projects. I remembered a tape a friend from NYC sent me back in the early 90’s with Walter’s band between GB and Quicksand which was called Moondog. Thanks to the internets I just found that album was actually released (online only) and is available here. I just bought it and it’s everything I remember it being. The one thing I’m totally dying to hear now and can’t find anywhere is the alternate recording of GB’s “Start Today” with Walter singing rather than Civ. That was never released, and I think it was only even recorded for pacing but I loved it and wore through the copy of a copy of a copy I had many many years ago. Any of you guys got a lead on that? Please?