ORD at 2am

Ticketing mishaps, power failures, delays, reroutings, and a whole host of other chaos today has landed me here, Chicago O’Hare International Airport at stupid o’clock in the morning. I found wifi and power so I can occupy myself but the abandonedness of it all is pretty fantastic honestly. It’s a mix of creepy and cool, while still being super peaceful. The only sounds at all are the looped broadcasts coming through the PA every every few minutes about not leaving your bags unattended and about terror threats. Sounds you are used to only hearing when surrounded by crowds but there’s no one here at all and the recordings are just playing by themselves. It’s very 28 Days Later in a lot of ways – I just need a John Murphy soundtrack to kick in and I’d be set.

It’ll all be ruined in a few hours when people start showing up, but some of those people will be flying planes that will take me to Europe so I guess it’s OK. The end is very fucking neigh indeed.