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Amsterdam Canal

Costanza Stencil

I haven’t updated here in a few days because I’ve actually been outside. I know, shocking isn’t it? Upon arriving in Amsterdam I met up with Bicycle Mark who loaned me some wheels (pictured above) and guided me around the city. Amsterdam is surprisingly easy to navigate and get an idea of how it works. And for a bike nerd it’s heaven. I’d heard this was a biking city but there’s really no way to describe how bikes are the premiere form of transportation here. All other forms of travel are secondary. Lucky I bought a 48 tram pass when I arrived, as I used the tram exactly once. Anyway I filmed riding through the streets a bit and put that video after the jump, also my photos are all over here if you want to see more. Now I pack, and then fly to Cork, Ireland. More once I’m in Rebel County.