To Be Continued

Sorry the last few days have been updateless, but I’m been country hopping and tube riding. I’ve been in London for the past 48 hours or so and am packing up now to start my final leg of travel back to the US. Here’s the photos I took in London in case you want to check them out. In case you wanted some follow up on my bitching the other day about exchange rates and things, these 2 and a half days in London will end up costing me more than my time (and travel to, from, and within) Dublin, Cork, Cologne, and Amsterdam COMBINED. So yeah, the British Pound rocks if you are getting paid in it, and sucks for everyone else.

On a lighter note I’m almost finished with a “What I listed to in Yurp!” playlist which I’ll post here when I’m done with it. I was hoping to have it polished off before I left, but that’s just not happening. It’s over 2 hours right now and yeah, that’s a bit long so I still need to trim it down a bit and will do that on the flights back. I go from here to Chicago, have a bit of a layover there but long enough that I can take off and get food with friends, then to Dallas, and finally Los Angeles. Culture shock, here I come.