Here’s a short snip of a few gems from the last few days… Starting with this e-mail I got yesterday:

Hi Sean,
We organize an annual internet conference for Public Media and are coming to LA next month. We want to invite the top 25 Los Angeles-based bloggers to attend the conference at the press rate of $250. I’ve been following your blog since we chose LA as our next venue and naturally you were one of our first choices to invite. Let me know if you’re interested in attending. I’ll need to approve your registration. I especially like the photography on your blog.

P.S. You can check out our conference on our website below.

To which I responded asking if I was being invited to the conference or being offered a discounted ticket. No reply. It’s also important to note two things here: First of all Press passes are usually FREE, in that the conference organizers want people there who will write about their event, and two I’m pretty vocal about how useless I think conferences are. I’ve never paid for one, and don’t plan on it. The value comes largely from the people together in the same room, area, city – not the sessions. I’ve seen very few panels, sessions, etc that I thought were worth paying for, and none that alone would have justified the cost of the conference ticket.

Also, we received an advertising inquiry at Metblogs that was basically “Hi! I’d love to buy an ad on your site, can you send me the rates, oh and also delete these negative comments about me first. Thanks!”

And then just now at the grocery store I overheard the following being said by a guy to a girl “You can’t break up with me, we’ve been together for 10 years, I can’t start over now!” that on it’s own isn’t too remarkable, though it should be noted that their previous conversation was her saying to him “No you have to buy the beer because last time I tried to buy it here they wouldn’t let me and your fake ID never has a problem here.”

So yeah. Do the math on that loveliness.

People sleeping at Chicago O'Hare

Someone sent me the link to Moon Bicycles which isn’t a WTF at all, but rather an OMFG in the vein of Vanilla. Drool.