In the last few weeks I’ve had a few conversations with people, mostly late at night, that may be worthy of further exploration so I figured I’d throw them up here for you all to pick apart.

Make Out Party. The first rule of Make Out Party is… you have to make out with someone before you talk to them. OK so basic idea here is inverting the social schema of meeting someone at a party, chatting them up for a few hours and maybe making out with them later on but throwing a party where in order to talk to someone you would first have to make out with them. Not some wimpy peck on the cheek either, really make out with them. Obviously there’s a ton of details to work out before this could actually happen, some kind of signifier noting if you were ok with kissing someone of your same sex, some kind of policy requiring you to bring someone you were sure most people at the party wouldn’t already know (because it would be pointless if you walked in and knew everyone there), and um, probably a lot of other stuff. I’m pretty sure this idea was sparked after a friend referred to himself as a kissing slut.

ebay coffee. I’m sure this had a better name but I don’t recall what it was exactly as it was late and we were in a pub in Dublin. In fact I don’t remember exactly who had the idea, Paul or Eoghan I think (guys, let me know who and I’ll give proper credit, or if *gasp* this is some kinda secret tell me and I’ll delete this) Anyway – the price of a product on ebay is determined by the demand, so what if coffee was priced the same way? At a specific shop anyway. OK, so for example let’s say a cup of coffee has a base cost of $2, but at 9am there’s a huge line at the coffee shop so the prices goes up to $4 a cup, late in the evening there’s almost no one buying coffee so maybe then it drops to $1. The price could fluctuate every 10 minutes or something and you’d have to go to the shop to see what the price was at that time. The idea being you’d spread out your customers through out the day with people who were happy to pay more and those who wanted to save a few bucks picking specific times to come, and the end result being you’d actually make more money as you’d have a constant stream of customers all day rather than just a few rushes.

“If your life flashes before your eyes and you don’t get a boner, you’re doing it wrong.” – Micah just posted that on his journal, proposing it might be the meaning of life. I might have to agree. Gender variations as needed.

Ok, good night.