Wolfpack Route Feb 25, 2008

That’s last night Wolfpack Hustle route. It was my 12th ride with the pack and the 4th ride I’ve finished. Front door to front door this is jut over 50 miles for me and at this point I’m pretty confident I can finish the ride every week. I might will certainly come in dead last, but I’m finishing which is so much progress from when I started riding with them back in October. At this point I’m even wondering if an increased gear ratio on my fixed gear, or riding a geared road bike would help me keep up a little better, but I guess that’ll get figured out in the long run.

Last night we went from Silver Lake to Encino to visit the velodrome, which was locked and gated. Of course if you think fences and locks work as anything more than a visual deterent you are sadly mistaken. I’d never seen a velodrome in person before, so seeing and riding one under the moonlight was pretty spectacular. Anyway, i won’t be satisfied until I’m finishing with the pack consistently, but this is pretty close to being a major personal milestone checked off. Big smiles.