I know a few people who rant and rave about these skin tight arm warmer things they have for riding their bikes. It’s better than a long sleeve shirt for the flexibility of just yanking them off but also aparently comfortable as hell. After a few super late rides were I was juggling wind breaker, sweatshirt, etc I started to think they were on to something. I noticed that the folks at Cadence made some that weren’t too pricy and looked well made so I gave in and sprung for a pair. I only got them this morning so I haven’t been able to actually field test them yet but I can say right off the bat I’m impressed just handling them. Plus they are way smaller than I thought when not being worn which means the space they will take up in a bag (or pocket) once removed is minimal. I’ll test them out this weekend which is my next slotted middle of the night ride and report back, but at this point I’m actually thinking these will be great for traveling and not only cycling.