You know what is awesome to see right before getting on a flight that goes through London Heathrow? How about that since Thursday they’ve lost over 15,000 pieces of luggage and are canceling flights left and right. Yeah. Sweet.

So this throws a kink into my already hectic schedule by making me have to completely reconsider what I’m brining. So here’s what I have to work with – I’m gone for two weeks, which includes Berlin, Vienna, NYC, a speaking engagement and a wedding. Flights go LAX->LHR->TXL then TXL->VIE then VIE->LHR-JFK then JFK->LAX. Checking luggage going through Heathrow(LHR) is now completely out of the question and while US flights allow 2 carry ons (one bag one personal item like a laptop bag) EU flights only allow one. To make this even more exciting the itineraries are not joined, meaning technically I have 2 flights that overlap, one that us LAX->LHR then LHR->JFK and a totally separate plan that is LHR->TXL then VIE->LHR. What this means is even if I could check luggage though LHR I’d have to get it from baggage claim in London and then recheck it to get it to Berlin, and with 2 hours inbetween flights that just isn’t happening.

So, I need one bag with everything for 2 weeks including all electronics. One possible solution is buying a lot of things there that I can leave, this will work for toiletries and things, and then doing the same in NYC including buying stuff for the wedding which I could then bring back to LA. Going to chew on this one and report back. With photos, of course.