Successfully traversed the Oceans once again and landed on the hard ground of New York where I’ll be hanging out for the next several days. I’m staying in Brooklyn which is a first as I usually stay with friends in Manhatten. Of course the friends I usually stay with happen to be getting marriend this week so I decided I’d not push to sleep on their couch as they might have other things going on. Turns out the greatest vegan restaurant in the world just opened a second branch right around the corner from Bre’s place in Brooklyn so after visiting NYC Resister and Etsy we went there directly. And feasted.

Dessert at Red Bamboo

This morning I’m going to brave the trains in search of more vegany goodness and delicious coffees in Manhatten. Pics forthcoming of course. My usual NY checklist is as follows:

Red Bamboo (now both locations!)
Atlas Cafe
Thailand Cafe