I only got back to Los Angeles a few days ago and I’m already heading back to the airport to leave again. Luckily this is a short trip and I’ll be home before I know it, or back in CA soon enough anyway. Today I spend just shy of 97 hours on planes and in airports making my way to Florida where I’ll be through Tuesday morning for a family wedding. Tuesday I repeat the same hellish collection of flights and changes there of only in reverse and end up in San Francisco for the Web 2 Expo. I’ll hit the ground running as Jason and I are speaking at Ignite that evening about the awesome good time of redesigning a global blog network. We’re up last and it’ll be the perfect way to end that day. Then I hang around for a few days to see friends, do business, arrange deals, drink coffee, shake hands, kiss babies and all the usual things attening a tech conference in SF include. Actually maybe a few that aren’t so usual as well. Looking very forward to seeing my Canadian and SFian friends while there, as well as helping Lynn get settled in on her move from here to there. But, all that is starting in 40 minutes when I leave for the airport and I haven’t finished packing yet, so on that note, I’m out. Back online later, probably from a different time zone.