One: We almost died. But didn’t. On the 101 south, just into California from Oregon, where the freeway has a divider between north and southbound lanes, some fucktard was driving FULL SPEED in the wrong direction into oncoming traffic. We were in the fast lane and came around a corner to see a car barreling right at us. I was driving and swerved into the slow lane to avoid the car and just barely missed getting hit head on. After that we decided it was time to stop driving. Which leads me to point number Two: I don’t know the name of the tiny ass town we stopped in but EVERYTHING in the town closes at 9pm. Which is terrible when you get to town at 8:50pm and just want to sit down and eat. When we asked people what the hell people in this town do if everything closes at 9pm we kept hearing “well, we just make sure we get everything we need for the night before then.”

Also, if you want to follow along at home, visually at least, watch my flickr stream or better yet watch Tara’s since she’s being a much better documentarian. I have more pics I’ll upload once I get back to LA but for the day by day she’s way more on it than I am.