On a recent trip to Portland I stopped by Powells and happened to see a stack of these stickers that simply said “$0.00 9/10” which is a pretty obvious reference to the rising gas prices in contrast to the cost of driving/riding a bike instead. I snatched up a bunch and quickly slapped them on my bike. Upon returning to Los Angeles I saw a few others with them as well and even noticed that some friends had taken to making them on their own. In fact, everywhere I turn the rising cost of gas and alternatives to just continuing to drive seems to be a relatively hot topic, and just having the stickers on my bike has sparked discussions with people all over town. It’s kind of funny, because it’s almost some kind of shared suffering that everyone is enduring and it’s getting people to talk to each other and consider other options. One thing I keep getting asked is where folks can get the stickers on their own, and it looks like the best option is actually right here on the internet. Check out zeropergallon.com where they have stickers and shirts and all kinds of other crap you can spend your money on, besides gas.