That lovely design is via Diesel Sweeties and I think says what a lot of people are thinking right now. I have to say I’m pretty amazed at how many of the folks I knew who were rabid Obama supporters 2 weeks ago are completely disappointed with him this week thanks to the FISA thing. It’s been crazy really, I haven’t seen people as up in arms over a candidate as long as I can remember so to see so many of those die hard people change direction so quick has me dizzy. In the last week I’ve seen:

  • A guy in a parking lot at a grocery store pealing off an Obama bumper sticker
  • Another recently removed sticker in a different parking lot.
  • A lady with an Obama pin on her bag ripping an Obama poster off an electric box
  • A whole group of bike riders taking Obama spoke cards off their bikes and throwing them in a near by trashcan.

In an e-mail thread with a few friends, one of which who has been a strong supporter for a while and worked on his campaign since early on said this:

“His approval of the bill doesn’t endear him to most independents/regular folks (who don’t care as much about this issue) — but it is an enormous insult to those of us who backed him from the start (who tend to be really passionate about civil liberties stuff). So he lost on both counts.”

And I think that’s pretty much it. The dude tried to win friends with the wrong approach, and only pissed off his biggest supporters basically telling them all that everything he’s ever said is suspect and possibly a lie at this point. But then again, he’s a politician so I don’t know why this is too shocking for anyone.