I started today with huge plans of all the writing I needed to accomplish. I decided I was going to put off unpacking today to get a lot of this written work done. Instead I spent most of the day staring at my laptop not knowing where to start. It’s 1am and of all the stuff I wanted to write today I finished one full paragraph. I also didn’t have any progress on unpacking so today was pretty much a failure from start to finish. I realize now I shouldn’t have forced things and just walked away earlier and done something else like unpack a box or sort CDs or do dishes but instead I just sat here and made it worse. I won’t make the same mistake tomorrow, promise.

Another thing working against me is that there is cable in this new apartment which I haven’t had in, well, many many many years. I kinda like not having it because I found myself putting something on today just for background noise (rather than the music I usually plan) and would inevitably end up watching something I didn’t give a crap about. Did I really need to watch 3 episodes of that show were the bald guy eats a bunch of weird food from around the world? No, I didn’t. I knew I didn’t at the time, I kept looking away, but it was on and I’d always find myself getting sucked in. Need to knock that off tomorrow as well. Music, not TV.

Tomorrow I’m picking up my new motorcycle and then going to the CC Salon in the evening. Those are two exciting things that should be good distractions and allow me to think and write at other points in the day. For now, I’m throwing in the towel and calling it a day. Talk to you later, in the meantime, enjoy this.