Mug o Joe

I’m sitting on the couch starring at my laptop when when I should be doing is packing. I should be looking at weather forecasts and deciding what is the most sensible sweater to bring. I should be running to the post office to drop off my hold mail notice. I should be taking out the trash and making sure the cats have plenty of water. I should be double checking that I have the power cords for the electronics I have in tow. Instead I’m still sitting on my couch.

My house sitter is confirmed and has the keys and in a few hours I’ll be on a flight to San Francisco, in a few days on a flight to Tokyo, then back to Vancouver via SF before finally returning to LA in time for my house warming party. Just in time. At some point in between there I need to start thinking about which bigger pieces of furniture that I own I will move into storage, which I want to sell, and which I want to try to move across the state. A lot of that will be determined by some of the meeting I’m heading to Tokyo for as Multibasing is taking another major step towards becoming a working reality.

LA has gotten it’s revenge on me for these thoughts as well. I’m definitely mid-course on a full blown sinus infection. I used to get these from time to time but over the last few years they’ve really picked up and my friend Shawn who has a wall full of very impressive medical degrees tells me the two biggest causes of that are the shitty air quality in LA (mostly the ash from fires rather than the smog) and my fondness for riding a bike very fast all over town (which results in frequent heavy breathing, often through my nose). One of the things I love to do most in this city is one of the things that may cause me to need massive head surgery. Excellent. One more reason I’m considering the benefits of spending much more of my time in other cities. Though recently it’s been less assured that it’s not all going to burn one way or another.

OK, dryer just finished. I really need to go pack.