The Thorns of Life news has me digging back into my Jawbreaker archives like crazy. Which is saying a lot because I never really stop listening to them, rather I cycle albums. I’ve been listening to Dear You non-stop for the last few years but recently dove back into 24 Hour Revenge Therapy which was my favorite thing in the world for years and years. If I’ve ever spoken to you in person about this band then chances are you wanted me to just shut up because I went on and on and on and on about how pretty much everything they ever did was the best thing ever and how I can pinpoint each song to a pretty specific moment in my life. Or maybe the other way around. Regardless, I’m fairly certain Blake is the greatest lyricist to ever put words on paper. Big statement I know, especially coming from a Shane MacGowan fan.

Given that, I’ve picked out a song from 24 for the weekend, it’s always been one of my favorites on the album and it’s called In Sadding Around [listen at]. Lyrics after the jump so you can play along at home.

In Sadding Around by Jawbreaker
Sleeping off the last five years
takes another five.
Recovery in lieu of being here right now.
When I throw myself at your feet,
You know it`s to be walked on.
We`re breaking up every single night.
If I had a choice don`t you think I`d make it?
I lost my voice. Hope I didn`t break it.
Little demons by my bed whisper secrets.
The kind you never hear.

I dip my toe in this cold, cold life.
I want to dive but I can`t find your feet.
You with a view so unlike my own.
I`m trying on your eyes.
So I let go, fall to the ground.
It`s a long way down again.

Petty cons keep peeling back my ears.
We make plans.
Collaborate and give to you
my better half.
Until now just dead weight,
A prisoner of doubt.
In a cell we kiss and tell
all our keepsakes.

Sore, hit the floor.
Got my first glimpse of the sky.
The stars were on your side.
Who would`ve thunk
the thirteenth fell on Friday?
I say hello and it`s goodbye again