You may have noticed that it’s mostly a crapshoot at this point trying to figure out if I’m in Los Angeles or San Francisco. I’ve been back and forth a lot – a habit that has a short lifespan but more on that in a bit. This weekend I’m in LA with the main purpose of finishing my Motorcycle Safety course. Unfortunately the class that I was told I could easily grab a standby slot in was full, so I ended up with more free time than I’d expected. I don’t believe in fate, but I do think things happen for a reason and this all worked out for the best.

Rolled up next to HaringI left SF and shortly there after so did Tara. She went north to her fortress of solitude (except not really because her family is there) and I ended up in Dogtown. Within a few hours I was rolling around on a floor at Dennis Hopper’s house with a Keith Haring painting. Xeni was entranced by some charcoals and Souris was talking about white picket fences. I suppose you just had to be there.

Tara and I have been trying to decide where to live since long before we got married but had remained mostly undecided. As much of a militant advocate of Los Angeles as I’ve been known to be, it has been amusing to see how many people instantly assumed that I’d be moving to San Francisco. Certainly I’ve been spending a lot of time there, but in the last 12 months I’ve probably spent as much time in Vienna, yet no one assumed I’d soon be calling Austria home. As Tara mentioned in her post, we need to find a place that could be ours. A place of our own, a home. After much consideration, many candidates, and stacks of pros and cons, we’ve focused our sights on Venice. We don’t have an address or a move in date yet, but it’s fairly safe to say that once we get back from Europe we’ll be on the lookout.