It’s no secret that Google will auto complete a result for each individual letter of the alphabet. This kind of suggests that whatever the return is might be the most important thing online to start with that letter. For instance if you type “s” you get “sean bonner” right away. I’m just kidding, you get “sears” – but you get the idea. Single letters have been gaining in popularity on twitter too, with many folks scrambling to get those highly desirable one letter usernames – there’s only 26 of them after all. Plus, in a format where you are limited to 140 characters including a username, a single letter name could have it’s advantages. So who are the lucky folks that make up the alphabet on twitter? It’s gotta be the most elite of the elite, right? I thought I’d check that, and the results were kind of surprising – full alphabet after the jump.

Here’s the raw details:
A – @aAndrei Zmievskiactive
B – @bBen Bradleyactive
C – @cPaula – protected UPDATE 12/23/08: Coley Wopperer
D – @d – dave – inactive
E – @eerinactive
F – @fFred Oliveiraactive
G – @gGdninactive
H – @hthis account has been suspended
I – @i – Sarah – inactive
J – @jJulietteactive
K – @kKevin Chengactive
L – @l – ant – protected
M – @mMark Douglassactive
N – @nNaoki Hiroshimaactive
O – @othis account has been suspended
P – @p – paolo i. – inactive
Q – @q – q – inactive
R – @rRex Hammockactive
S – @sSandyactive (but closing shortly)
T – @ttantekactive
U – @u – u – inactive
V – @vWilliam Lawrenceprotected
W – @wWalterprotected
X – @x – x – inactive
Y – @y – y – inactive
Z – @z – z – inactive

For my discussion, and to keep it simple, I am saying an account is inactive if it’s been more than a month since the last update – though some of those last updates do indicate that the account has been abandoned, and some haven’t been used in quite a long time.

A few interesting stats:
2 single letter username accounts have been suspected
4 single letter username accounts are protected
8* single letter username accounts are inactive
* this might be higher as I suspect some of the protected accounts are also inactive

It will be interesting to see what happens with these accounts, especially the inactive ones as twitter’s popularity grows.