This is a revelation of the greatest concern. Seriously. New shit has come to light.

So everyone knows that Canadians are polite and friendly, and Americans are rude and pushy. Right? Well, what if that was actually all made up and totally a sham. It would be earth shattering… and it might just be true!!!

Recently I witnessed first hand, a Canadian (I refuse to name names) who, whilst in a foreign country decide “to play pushy American.” This got me thinking and I think I just uncovered the greatest smear campaign in the history of ever. What if Americans are actually the friendliest, nicest people ever. This would explain why so many Canadians move to the US. BUT! What if, while outside of the US Canadians were rude and pushy and obnoxious and loud and pushy and less than courteous and displayed poor manners? And then what if upon noticing the shock and awe of everyone around them, just said they were Americans and kept on keeping on guilt free? And what if this has been going on for millennia? Dude, think about it. Those rat bastards.