Today’s Objectified is going to be completely useless and uninteresting to some people and a complete lifesaver for others. If you live in a place where through proper training and education you can be legally licensed to carry a concealed firearm (or if you are military or LEO) then you know how hard it is to find a good holster, let along the perfect holster. I think I’ve found just that. The CTAC Holster by Comp Tac, with a minor modification or two, is about as perfect as I could imagine. Here’s what mine currently looks like:

C-TAC Holster

I don’t mean to imply that off the shelf it’s not perfect, as for many people that works ideally. There’s a well known modification that involved flipping the tabs that hold the belt clips in place which positions your gun at a slightly different angle that works well for some people (like me). Additionally I replaced the leather tabs with identical sized rubber versions since I won’t wear leather. I really wish they’d offer that as a standard option on their site, but alas you can only get leather right from them. Finally I put some Moleskin on the back parts that come directly into contact with skin when worn now it’s insanely comfortable and I hardly notice when I wear it.

So why it this so good? Well first of all is the comfort level, if you’ve ever worn an IWB (inside waist band) holster you know comfort is not generally something you think applies. With this it does. Also, because of the angle it holds you gun at, and how it holds it against your body it’s basically invisible. You can even tuck a shirt in which is kinda nuts, but really works. And it’s made of kydex for the most part which means it’s crazy durable and doesn’t have all the problems that go along with leather holsters. I know some people think leather is as good as it gets, but turns out those people are wrong. I received this as a gift (I’d researched and asked for it) about 3 years ago and every single time I’ve used it I’ve been blown away by how amazing it is. It’s possible that is because all the others I had previously were sucktacular, but I’m sure the completely badassness of this plays into it quite a bit too.