As you may have gathered from Objectified 03 I’m kind of into the flashlights. And as you may have also gathered from the comments there that one, while small, might be a little too big to carry with you all the time which is really when a flashlight is handy – not when you are expecting to need it but when you are caught in the dark by surprise. Which leads me to what might be the worst photo I’ve ever taken with my iPhone.

Arc AAAIf there is a better single AAA battery keychain flashlight then the ones made by Arc I’ve certainly never seen them. The entire thing is barely larger than the AAA battery it uses and depending on which model you choose puts out up to 10 lumens which is just stupidly bright for a little thing like this. This thing weighs next to nothing and is made out of super rugged stainless steel and while mine is a darkish military green which was the only option when I bought it a few years back, it looks like they have some colored versions available at the moment. I’d buy one, but honestly this works as good as the day I first got it and it’s just as bright even though I’ve never had to replace the battery yet. I’ve carried it daily for years and with the exception of a few skuffs from the keys it’s attached to, the thing is perfect. When I bust it out people are always blown away by how much light comes from such a tiny thing. This gets my vote for awesomest keychain light ever.