The /b/tards issued a challenge:

Call Rosetta Stone (1-800-532-0890) and ask if they have Klingon for a language

I couldn’t resist, here’s the transcript from my call, clearly I wasn’t the first to get through:

Her: I’m so glad you called to learn a new language… I’m going to need your zip code.
Me: 4321
Her: …
Me: Hi.
Her: You are missing a number in that, I only have 4321
Me: Oh sorry, 3
Her: Is that the last number?
Me: Well it’s not any less important than the others
Her: Ok, Can I get your name as well?
Me: Leeroy Jenkins, that’s M-A-X-W-E-L-L
Her: I’m sorry, did you say Jenkins?
Me: That’s right, M-A-X-W-E-L-L
Her: I’m sorry?
Me: No problem. Do you have all the info you need?
Her: Almost, is your last name Jenkins or Maxwell?
Me: Yes it is, please try to pay attention.
Her: OK, which language are you interested in learning today?
Me: Canadian.
Her: English?
Me: I don’t think they speak Canadian in England.
Her: I think they speak English in Canada, do you want to learn English?
Me: I’m pretty sure I already know English, I’m calling to ask about Canadian.
Her: We don’t offer a Canadian dialect course at this time. Is there another language you might be interested in?
Me: Really? I hope that’s not because you don’t think Canada is important.
Her: No sir, we just…
Me: It’s really big, and they can see Russia from there you know.
Her: Yes I know sir, is there another language you are interested in learning today?
Me: Well, to be honest there’s some new people who moved in on my block and they are really weird like they just moved out of their parents basement and maybe it would be a good idea to learn their language so that I could relate to them better, maybe hang out and order a pizza or play battletoads with them
Her: What language do they speak sir?
Me: I’m not sure exactly because they sound like a bunch of retards if you ask me but I think it’s Klingon.
Her: Please stop calling us sir, this isn’t funny. *click*

I thought it was a perfectly reasonable request, and at least someone else does too.