About a month ago twitter changed the way it displayed replies and not everyone was happy with it, myself included. I wrote a post about my thoughts on the subject, trying to make the case why I thought the move was a bad one, and how I preferred the old way they had been handled.

Since that time I’ve thought about it a lot and I have to say Twitter was right and I was wrong. I still think people should have the option to chose exactly what they want to see, and I know that server strain had a lot to do with the move but replying to people has definitely improved. I didn’t realize how much thought I was putting into who I replied to and what I said because I knew others were watching, but not having to worry about that at all has shown me that it was in fact something that crossed my mind. The new default is simply simpler to have conversations.

One of my concerns was that I’d lose an avenue for finding new people to follow and while I can’t say for sure what I’m missing (since I don’t know about it) I can say that I have still been able to find new and interesting people to follow. The adopted practice of preceding a reply with a period or an “R” to manually broadcast that to all followers is a simple enough work around and allows people to respond and point to people they think others should know about.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that as strongly as I felt about it one way I’ve been convinced that a different approach was in fact better and I’ve changed my mind.