I’ve had a tumblr blog for a long time but never really used it for anything other than aggregating RSS feeds and from elsewhere. That seemed like of like a waste actually so I stopped that a while ago and it’s been sitting vacant ever since. For a while Tara and I were running fistacular which made a lot of sense when we lived in different cities, but became kind of useless when we were sitting right next to each other so once she moved to LA that ended up being abandoned mostly as well. However that helped to to see the ease of tumblr for just collecting random things around the web. On top of that I’ve been loving Clayton’s constant siege because it’s kind of like a stream of consciousness and I know whatever he’s been thinking about that day by which photos and links he posts to it. I was thinking about that, and how I’m trying to write longer form thoughts and ideas here and how the short spur of the moment bits don’t seem to fit anymore. Of course there is twitter for some of that, but again what I wasn’t posting here still didn’t seem to fit there. So I’m giving a personal tumblr a shot again and calling it Don’t Go Outside. I’m not making any promises other than it will be a totally random collection of whatever I happened across that caught my attention. Some things will be things I looked for myself, others will be things I just stumbled upon. There will be no constant theme, quality level, or even regularity. I’m just posting bits and pieces as I come across them. If you are into that, check it out. If you aren’t, then sorry for wasting your time rambling about it.