Being Vegan means always being on the look out for awesome shoes that aren’t made from animals. Leather is a core component for a lot of shoes so keeping an eye out for alternatives is key. Sure there are al vegan shoe companies like Macbeth which make great stuff, but I’m picky and have more particular tastes or something. Friends of mine know that the last year has been rough. My old shoes have been falling apart and Adidas wasn’t making them anymore, and the new stuff coming out was all leather which sucked. Luckily, very recently, a few new designs have popped up that are awesome. Rather than having to find the links each time, I thought I’d just post here so I could point to this in the future.

Puma Benny
These all canvas Puma Benny‘s caught my eye in a shop in LA but they only had size 8, and actually told me that was the only size Puma made. I couldn’t believe it and went right to Zappos to check, 2 days later I had size 11 in hand.

Adidas Campus
I was so psyched on the Puma’s that I tweeted about them and Glen tipped me off to these new all synthetic Adidas Campus II that had just come out. He picked some up in NYC and knew for sure they were synthetic which is good because the online description says leather so I never would have ordered them, but I did and sure enough they are all man made materials. I was a little worried about the gold, but it’s actually pretty subtle and I kinda dig it.

Adidas Pro Shell
Both those were rad for sure, but the holy grail for me is the canvas Superstars I had previously but have long since since sold out. So when I heard about this new Pro Shell I had to check it out right away. And at $30 from Amazon it was worth the gamble. I got these today and they feel a LOT like superstars, but with a slightly higher ankle. I’m on the fence about that velcro strip on the top and if it gets in the way I’m just going to cut it off. Otherwise, these are really comfortable and they look all kinds of classic.

Of course buying 3 pair of shoes in one week might seem excessive, but I’m throwing out everything else I have and if you know how long I’ve been wearing the old ass shit I have right now looking for new things, having 3 pair on hand actually makes a lot of sense. Don’t beleive me? This is what I’ve been wearing for the last 2 years:
Old ass adidas superstars

I had no idea those were limited edition when I bought them and if I’d known I would have bought an extra pair. I don’t know why Adidas doesn’t make these full time, I got so many compliments on them when I had them. Well, before they started looking like hell anyway. They did just release a new model that is similar, but they replaced the rubber toe cap with a never before used leather one which is fucking dumb and defeats the whole point of having the rest of the shoe be man made. Oh well.