Very sorry for the almost total lack of posting here in the last few months. I’ve previously written about a project I’ve been working on in Japan which we are now calling Safecast and that has been hogging an insane amount of my time. In addition to that my son is almost a year and a half old now so he’s a total handful. That said, I haven’t been offline, I just haven’t been posting here. Where have I been?

Twitter: As usual this is the place I spent most time online and update most frequently
Tumblr: I’m using this more and more, though it’s still largely a collection of things I find elsewhere
Safecast Blog: This is the main place for updates about Safecast Blog: This is a side site focusing on our actions in Japan, though will soon be rolled into the main blog.

I’m going to make an effort to write more again here soon, as I just realized I hadn’t been, even though it’s been months. Sorry about that.