Don’t Go Outside: Tokyo Street Photos – Surprise Attack, 2017 (solo artist, photography)
The New Oklahoma – Surprise Attack, 2016 (co-author)
Outside The Lines, Too – TarcherPerigee, 2015 (contributing artist, digital)
Covert to Overt: The Under/Overground Art of Shepard Fairey – Rizzoli, 2015 (author, forward)
The Devil’s Reign – Howl Books, 2015 (contributing artist, photography)
Leica Myself – Leica Publications, 2014 (contributing artist, photography)
Brunch Of The Dead – Surprise Attack, 2013 (co-author)

Selected Exhibitions  / Works
Devil’s ReignHowl Gallery, Ft Myers
(group, as artist) Photography

Quarterly Editions, Online
(solo, as artist) Drawing on paper

Vita E Morte – Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles – July 26 – August 23
(solo, as artist collective CMHHTD) Photography, Digital Manipulations, Sculptural & Audio works.

Post-It, Giant Robot, Los Angeles
(as artist) Drawings on paper

Curator in Residence / Museumsquartier / Vienna, Austria
(as curator) Various curatorial projects and speaking engagements, including an exhibition by US Artist Scott Blake exploring Bar Codes and computer/visual identification.

sixspace / Gallery Co-Owner
(all exhibitions as co-curator)

Recognize – Glen E. Friedman (2006, Culver City)
The Idealist – Glen E. Friedman (2005, Los Angeles)
Rubixcubism – Space Invader (2005, Los Angeles)
This Is Your God  – Shepard Fairey (2004, Los Angeles)
Fuck You All – Glen E. Friedman (2003, Los Angeles)
The Medium Is The Message  – Shepard Fairey (1999, Chicago)
Fuck You All – Glen E. Friedman (1998, Chicago)

SENT: America’s First Cameraphone Art Show / Los Angeles
(as co-curator) exhibition exploring photography and technology, and the influence these two things would have on people once they were merged and always in people’s pockets.

Burning Brush Art Auctions
Organized a series of artist driven art auctions in Los Angeles where a curated group of artists were invited to sell works directly to collectors without the influence of a gallery or the art world at large. Auctions included works by Tim Biskup, Seonna Hong, Mark Ryden, Josh “Shag” Agle, Glenn Barr, Camille Rose Garcia, The Clayton Brothers, Gary Baseman, Paul Frank, Lynn Naylor and others.

Ellian-Wassup / Co-Creator
Created one of the first viral internet videos that spawned hundred of variations of the meme. Though clearly fair use and political satire, the Associated Press claimed the images within the video were infringing on their rights and the resulting kerfuffle paved the way for countless other parodies. This video won Yahoo!’s best of the web award for the year and is recognized as one of the original internet memes.

Selected Design
(As a professional designer Sean Bonner has credits on over 100 albums, these are only a few noteworthy examples)
2008 – Die Antwoord – $O$ – Interscope Records (design, creative direction, illustration)
1997 – Bad Brains – Omega Sessions – Victory Records (design, creative direction, illustration)
1997 – Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is the Death Of Desire – Victory Records (design, creative direction, illustration)
1997 – Hot Water Music – Fuel For The Hate Game – Toybox Records (design, creative direction, illustration)