Until this weekend I had some MP3s on one laptop, some on another laptop, and some on an external drive. I also had some on one of several iPods. When I wanted to listen to something at my house my options were usually connect my main laptop to my stereo via AirTunes and hope the songs I wanted to listen to were on there. If they weren’t I had to suffer through all kinds of cabling and reconnecting and it was a major pain. I decided I was going to put all the music in one place, set my back up laptop as a kind of MP3 server and leave it connected to the stereo all the time (via AirTunes). If I wanted I could access the library of songs with my other laptop as well. Here’s kind of what I was hoping to do:

room wifi

Once I got that set up I ran into a major problem. Nothing will play to my stereo via AirTunes without dropping out every 5-10 seconds. I’ve tried both laptops, changing channels on the network, restricting it to b only, and taking one laptop totally out of the loop. Still get the drop outs. This of course makes it completely unusable, which sucks because before it was at least a little usable. I’ve looked on the Apple forums and boards and seems other people are having the same problem but no one has any idea how to fix it. Crap!