I’ve been a big fan of Atwood Knives & Tools for quite awhile, at least since I got obsessed with EDC a while back, but I’d admired his little pocket tools before that without even knowing they were all related. As happens with really cool things, people catch on and more and more people want them. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it isn’t, it depends on the intentions of the people behind the scenes. Whatever happens it’s the ones who stick by their guns that make me smile. Atwood has been linked to quite a bit recently which has upped the demand for his stuff 10 fold, making it next to impossible to get unless you are watching his site religiously. Some have suggested Peter Atwood should stop making each and every item by hand and hire people to help keep up with the demand, but he’s repeatedly said he’s not interested in that. He talks about it a bit in a post on his own blog today, and this last line is priceless:

“Bottom line, I’d much rather have fun and keep being creative than relentlessly pursue some misguided goal of trying to become a millionaire.”

That is so bad ass. Even if it makes his stuff that much harder to get, it makes it mean so much more. Nice work Peter.