Naschmarket at night

Physically and metaphorically. In a few hours I’m jumping on a train and heading back to the Vienna airport where I’ll catch a flight to London, then another back to Paris. I’ve never been to Paris, or France for that matter so this will be cool for crossing off one more place from the list, though I’ll only be there for about 48 hours and most of that will be spent at LeWeb3 so it’ll be an interesting way to see a new city. Then, before I even know I’m back on a plane, back to London, though again only as a stop over, and then over to Berlin. I’m going there to wish Creative Commons a happy 5th birthday and see friends who I haven’t seen in, well.. weeks? Right about the time I catch my breath and stop my head from spinning I’m back on a plane, back to London, and then back to Vienna. Nothing like zigzagging all over freaking Europe. W00t!

That’s the trackable stuff, the personal, less quantifiable continues as well. The people I’ve met and hung out with on this trip have had a huge impact on me, and pushed me to think of and consider things in entirely new ways. This is always good, and something I seem to be drawn more and more towards. “Oh, you want to totally shatter my current thought process and rebuild the ideas in ways I hadn’t thought of? Tell me more!” Of course seeing those around me also considering, changing, tearing down and rebuilding is also inspiring. Tantek & Micki – I’m doing my best to pay it forward. I totally know what you were talking about before, I didn’t then but lots more makes sense all the sudden. Funny how that works out I suppose.

That said, it’s 2am and I need to be on a train to the airport by 8. I haven’t packed at all, nor figured out where the hell I’m even going when I get off the plane in Paris. One way or another tomorrow is going to be packed with adventure. And I’ve got a feeling the week is only going to get more interesting each step of the way. Fingers crossed…