As an artist, I’ve really enjoyed using NFTs as a medium to explore a number of different creative projects. These projects are diverse and spread all over the blockchain, so this serves as a directory:

(editions, ongoing)
My current focus, this series explores the relationships that intertwine nature, humanity, and technology. It combines a number of elements from my previous work, in theme and process, as well as intention. I’ve written this post about my thinking behind this project, and this gallery chronicles the ongoing releases and how to claim them. 2023.
[deca | os]

(editions, limited)
I am primarily a photographer. Every month in 2023, on the first of the month, I released an editioned photography piece. These were available for 23 hours, priced at 0.023 eth, edition size for each piece capped at how many were minted. 2023.
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I made this open editions “Token of Respect” that people can mint and hold just as a way of showing they enjoy my work, but they can also be burned in exchange for various other limited edition NFTs like this memorial series I made about burned Cryptopunks.

UAP Artifacts
(1/1 – collection of 66)
This ai collection serves as a stand in for the disappointing lack of new UAP imagery in the recent disclosures. Imagined artifacts recovered from crash sites. Pics or it didn’t happen. 2023.
[minting now]
* 59 available

A Christmas Carol
(1/1 – collection of 28)
My Crow Variations collection created an ethereal, ghostly presence which was not in my original photographs. I wanted to explore this “ghost in the machine” further, and felt that Dickens’ A Christmas Carol might provide some interesting contrast. This collection features specters, apparitions and otherworldly watchers, captured on faux film, booked and charged. 2022.
*21 available

The Queen Is Dead
(1/1 – collection of 27)
I started this adventure with the prompt “The Queen Is Dead.” I continue to be fascinated by how these generated images can be so evocative and make the viewer feel things right away. These pieces are terrifying to me, what they are, where they came from, and what they represent. 2022.
* 5 available

(generative, 9999 pieces)
Randomly generated from well over 9000 possible combinations. There were 9999 cats, however cats are deflationary and can be burned for a piece from my Connections series. This is the colorized reimagining of my 2021 project AsciiKitties. 2023.

Robopunks 2048
(generative, 2048 pieces)
My contribution to the rich and wonderful world of Cryptopunks and their derivatives. A love letter to punks and robots, and even a few kaiju. 2022.

Robopunks AI64
(1/1 – collection of 64)
I asked an ai to reimagine a number of pieces from the Robopunks collection. The results were hilarious. 2022.

Crow Variations
(1/1 – collection of 37)
My first experiment with ai. Using my Tokyo Crow photo as the seed, I made 3 successive generations. Each built with the results of the previous. My work fed to DALL-E, then DALL-E’s variations fed back into itself. These feel like an old duplicated VHS tape, recorded over several times creating a warping and burred reminder of what was once there. 2022.
* 11 available

Eyes Wide Open
(1/1 – collection of 21)
Photography, both digital and film. A collection of street portraits. The streets are full of stories, we walk right past most of them. 2022.
*17 available

(generative, 333 pieces)
In mid 2022 my family and I decided we were going to learn how to do a generative collection. My son, 12 years old at the time, did the art while Tara and I did the other stuff. We focused on books, objects and our cat Vincent and since then have continued to airdrop random things to all the people who supported our little project.

Unfinished Projects
(1/1 – collection of 24)
My brother’s suicide. The Tōhoku earthquake. Seemingly unrelated events which had a significant impact on my life. Abrupt devastation. Unanswerable questions. Unfinished Projects. 2021.
*19 available

Tokyo Walks
(1/1 – collection of 15)
Between 2012-2013 I spent many nights walking around Tokyo taking photos of people. Using a flash, I began to take photos of people’s shoes as they walked past me. I’ve picked 15 of those images that I think tell a story about a specific time and a place. 2021.
*13 available

Don’t Go Outside
(editions, limited)
In 2017 I released a photobook called “Don’t Go Outside” of Tokyo street photography. I selected 14 images from that book and released them in a small edition of 6 pieces each. 2021.

Individual photos, 1/1
Before making your own contract/ collection was easy, getting accepted to curated platforms like foundation was serious business. I released 3 photographs via the foundation shared contract in 2021.

(1/1 – collection of 20)
One of my earliest NFT experiments. Made by hand, with a story written about each one. I initially planned to make 99 but for various reasons gave up after 20. I ended up giving half of them away, and still own the other half. This was minted on the opensea shared storefront contract. 2021. NFS.

I’ve also written extensively on the topic of NFTs. If you want to read some of that, here are a few selections:
• My original NFT WTF post from February 2021 is still a very good introduction to what’s going on
• I wrote more that year (Oct 2021) about why I believe Web3 is going to play a big part of our future
• I wrote about Avatars and Identity and the potential for blockchains to be Social Archives

For the analog fans I offer actual photography prints as well.

If you’d like to see some of the work I’ve been collecting from others, my Deca Galleries are a good place to start.