Köln Underground

Day 2 in Cologne, or Köln if you’re nasty. I actually ventured out from C4 today to see a bit of the city, also because I hadn’t eaten anything in like 30 hours or something so I needed to find eats. Which I did, so no worries. Outside of just wandering around I wend down and saw the cathedral like a good tourist. Holy crap that thing is big, and old, and wow. I also saw the Gerhard Richter stained glass window in it and holy crap that thing is big, and new, and wow. Here’s my flickr set with pics of all of that. I got yelled at when I walked into the cathedral because I didn’t take my hat off quick enough, meanwhile there were women all over the place with hats on that no one even looked twice at. More evidence of sexism I tell you!

Back at C4 I was shown the singing scanner. Oh. My. God. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Well maybe not that cool, but really damn cool. Basically it uses the tons usually created by a scanner in the act of, um, scanning thing to play songs. Check out this video I shot of it for a better example of what I mean. I’m impressed. Even better is that this isn’t a hack, it’s actually something that was built into the firmware of this kind of scanner and just never publicized or something. I guess it needed a bit of programming to get it up and running but there you have it.

Later tonight I’m going out with some of the guys here to some kind of old factory thing to hear some local drum & bass. We’ll see how that goes. Tomorrow – Amsterdam.