Old Macs
So after finding this kick ass online alarm clock I was actually able to go to sleep and not worry about waking up in time for my flight out of Berlin and into… Cologne. Yes, I know that’s not too far – I actually spent more time at the airport before the flight than on the plane itself. I started watching The Future Is Unwritten while I was waiting and so far it’s awesome. I got on the plane and fell asleep before I was allowed to turn on any electronics so I didn’t finish it but it’s on my list of things to do in the next 24 hours or so.

There was some mix up with my ride from the airport which was coupled by no wifi at the terminal and my T-Mobile Austria SIM card having just run out of minutes and not being able to recharge it since I wasn’t in Austria anymore. So yeah, after about a hour I just jumped in a cab and headed over to C4 where I’m camping out for the next few days. I met Jens when we both spoke at Roboxotica this year and I was really impressed with his talk on Hacker Spaces at 24C3 so I was pretty excited to see this place in action. It’s actually way cooler than I thought it would be. Spending time here, at C-Base in Berline and at the Metalab in Vienna has given me a whole new set of ideas to chew on when I get back to Los Angeles. We don’t have any kind of places like this in town, though I know the people are there. I’m wondering if some kind of super complex co-working/hackerspace/haven might be workable. Hmmm…

I’m heading west from here in a few days.. more soon. Oh, also I posted a few videos from the last few days on my blip.tv account.