I just posted about this over on Orlando Metbogs but I’m heading that direction tomorrow as I’m participating in IZEAfest which runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is a new conference so I don’t know what to expect but looking at the list of folks who will be talking and the topics at hand means it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll be interesting. I’ve been contacted by a few folks who found me though that (either they are also speaking, or attending or something) about how I can make a bunch of money with their service/product/widget and my blog all of which have been responded to with a clear “I don’t fucking think so” which leads me to believe there will be some lively discussion there to say the least. I know for a fact that the panel I’m on will be discussing the ROI on social networking. Yep. I’m curious about the ROI on a dinner party and hanging out at a coffee shop myself. Also the ROI on playing Rock Band is questionable. Guess we’ll find out!

I’m pretty excited that my special lady friend was able to grab a day or two off and will be flying over to hang out and provide the moral support I’ll need due to stepping foot in Florida. The awesome part is I’m finally going to stay at The Veranda which is a bed and breakfast that my cousin and his wife own. I’ve been there a few times and seen it through many stages of remodeling but I’ve never actually stayed there so this should be fun. The downside is, well, I guess I already pointed out the “going to Florida” aspect of it.

I don’t know if or how many old Florida friends might read this in time, but if you are around and wanna swing by while I’m there please do. I’d love to see anyone who can make it.