Ineffective Marketing at TC50

The amount of marketing materials being thrown around at TechCrunch50 is insane. There’s literally piles of printed flyers and stickers and brochures on every table to the point where people have to brush it off in big stacks to even sit down. This is completely useless as the chances of visually identifying one brand out of the rest when walking by is next to none, and when sitting at a table it’s essentially a pile trash that just happens to be on your table. I can’t begin the imagine the cash that is being wasted on this, not to mention the unneeded waste building up because of it. These companies should be fined.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting here talking with some other folks at this table about how useless this kind of promotion is and how could anyone look at this mess and decide they had to throw their stuff into the mix, talking out loud about it being bad and people are still walking right up to the table, making no eye contact and throwing down their flyers. It’s nuts!

Crap on tables

Adding to the crap