My good friend, and easily the greatest writer ever to grace the face of this planet*, Pat Hughes, has decided to put his blog on hiatus thanks in part to a bunch of you jerks. He’s just written a post about it and has this to say:

 So, let’s see… No thanks whatsoever to the stalkery weirdos gumming up the works. I’m sorry you want to drain all the fun out of this stuff. I’m sorry you read a couple of jokes I wrote on a Website and felt like you knew something about me, or that you were in a position to demand something from me. I’m sorry your mommy took the tit out of your mouth too early or whatever and I can’t give you the attention you need as a result. I’m sorry you will someday die confused, despondent and utterly alone.

Do you see that? Do you see what you did? The man has a Godzilla tattoo for crying out loud. Two of them in fact. I hope you are happy now.

*Statement may or may not have any basis in fact.