Before I went to Europe I made a few purchases, perhaps ill advised, perhaps not, but either way I’m trying to correct them to some extent by selling off some of this stuff. I figured I’d offer it up here on a first come first serve basis, and if I get no bites I’ll run to ebay with it. If you live in LA you can pick it up, if not there will probably be some kind of shipping to negotiate.

First off is a “G Star Raw Weston Camo Hooded Shirt” which is actually a jacket, but whatever. I was worried about it being too cold in Vienna so I bought this while in San Francisco before I left. I paid a little over $200 for it, and went home and promptly cut the two very small patches with the G Star Raw logo off it (because blatant branding sucks mad ass) and then wore it to dinner. While at dinner I realized that they cut these a little small and I purchased a L but in fact should have purchased an XL. I haven’t worn it since. It’s fine standing still, but when I move around I wish it had a bit more room in the shoulders so I just can’t wear it. Anyway, it’s essentually never been worn.

Secondly is this “Tad Gear Garage Jacket” that I also picked up fearing the temperatures in Vienna. This is an awesome jacket, it’s well made, has a ton of super secret pockets and is stylish and rugged as hell. The problem is that it looks almost exactly like another jacket I have, and it’s not as warm as I thought (meaning not so great for Vienna, but perfect for California). I took it to Vienna with me and only wore it once, the rest of the time defaulting to my other jacket which was a bit more insulated. Also, one day I let a friend wear it as he needed a black jacket for a video shoot (this was worn on BoingBoingTV!!!11!). So worn twice, but in the exact same condition it would be in had you bought it. Size L. I paid $185 (plus shipping) for it.

Both jackets I’d like to get in the neighborhood of $125 (each) for, though I guess those prices are kind flexible, but I think I can get that easily on ebay.

Just before leaving I picked up a new piece of luggage, so I have an old piece of luggage taking up space in my house. It’s one of those extend-o-handle rollerboard things, and is big enough for a week of travel yet small enough to be a carry on. It’s forrest green. I can’t really imagine selling this, or shipping it to be honest so if you are in LA and need a bag like this it’s yours. Otherwise I’ll probably just go drop it off at Salvation Army or something. It’s still perfectly workable and I’d still be using it if I hadn’t stumbled onto a 75% off sale on a new Swiss Army bag.

I’ve also got a Kona Cinder Cone mountain bike that I’m considering selling. I don’t know the size, but I’m 6’2″ and it fit me perfectly. I bought it in 2001 for around $800 and put another $200 or so into it with shifters, a new seat, new pedals, and road tires (rather than knobbies, which I still have and will include with it). I also rode it a lot. I’m not 100% sure I want to sell it, but if I get an offer that makes sense I’ll  take it. Will consider outright trades for a geared roadbike in size 58″ as well. Oh yeah here’s a photo.

That’s all for the moment, let me know if you are interested in any of this.