The folks over on were having a discussion about how to great other fixed gear riders when they spot them on the street, after deciding that the standard “get some gears jackass!” was getting old. There were lots of suggestions, the best coming from Placid Casual who proposed this boilerplate:

“Good [morning | afternoon | evening]. I notice that you are riding a fixed gear bicycle. I, too, ride a fixed gear bicycle, which means not only that we share a hobby, but that we also likely share certain viewpoints and preferences as to bicycle aesthetics, music, film, manners of dress and grooming, and recreational drugs. Indeed, because the subset of fixed gear bicycle riders here in [LA | The Westside | Orange County | Ojai | this placeless exurban tract development] is so small, it is probable that we already have friends in common. In any event, it is certain that we are sharing the experience of riding our fixed gear bicycles right now on this street, albeit [in different directions | at different speeds | with radically different perspectives on the word ‘fag’ | with dissimilar gear ratios | with varying degrees of self-righteousness about our jobs]. For this, if for no other reason, I am moved to acknowledge and greet you. I wish you safe and happy riding, and I look forward to building our [friendship | nodding acquaintance | awkward sexual tension] in the future. Peace.”