She voted for the war

Tomorrow is the primaries. I’m not a registered Democrat so I won’t be voting for anyone. And even if I was I’d probably be writing in ‘No.’ I have to say that as much as I enjoy people getting rallied up about this stuff and taking a stand and voicing their support and all that spam is still spam and the sheer amount of thread jacking and blatant advertising that has been going on with blogs and forums is making me sick. Friends of mine who are registered Democrats say that their phones are ringing off the hook and their mail boxes are full of flyers – one friend told me he wished their was a “I already know about the candidates and I’ve made my decision, leave me alone” option for him somewhere. I feel his pain, and that’s half the reason I won’t sign up for their crap, the less people selling my info the better, and the less people selling it to rabid fanatics, well yeah.

I’m ranting a bit but voting is important, being up on the issues and finding someone you agree with to represent you is important. If you are voting tomorrow, I wish you and the folks you are voting for good luck.