As you may or may not be aware Nabisco quietly release a new flavor of Oreo, that being the Peanut Butter Cream filled version. As you should be aware peanut butter and cookies are two things that go amazing together. So Tara and I decided to pit these up against the old faithful, Nutter Butter. After careful consideration it was decided that the cookie on the Oreo tasted better, but the filling on the Nutter Butter was more peanutty. What to do? It was pretty obvious:

The Perfect PB Cookie?

We pulled the cream out of each cookie and performed a transplant of sorts, resulting in an Oreo filled with the guts of a Nutter Butter. As you can imagine it was amazing. However, it was very time consuming and to prevent ourselves from spending the next 16 hours making cookie mashups, we did the honorable thing and ate both bags of cookies in their original form as quickly as we could so as not to be tempted. Feel free to attempt this on your own.