Much the same as every year, when the call for SXSW presentations was made I thought of a few ideas and then didn’t do anything about them. Before I knew it the deadline hit and I realized I hadn’t submitted anything. I started sketching ideas out on my wiki like crazy. Jason and I had talked about a “lessons learned” kind of thing for Metblogs so I whipped that idea and submitted it. I also figured, what the hell, and made up another one on the spot about changing the world. Truth is I didn’t think either one would get accepted, but the panel picker went live today and both ideas are in there.

Chaos Theory: Global Blog Network Politics & Scaling
In the five years we’ve been running Metblogs we’ve made more than our fair share of mistakes and walked headfirst into crazy problems. We’ll share some of those including managing a massive publishing platform with no staff, international politics, raising money, and more. What we’ve learned, and what we’d do differently.

Change the World in 5 Easy Steps
Revolution begins at home, this will focus on 5 easy things you can do personally that will actually have an effect on a global level. Go vegan, ride a bike, stop buying crap, visit a different country, do something you love rather than something that pays the bills. Wake up and live.

You can click the links above and vote if you want. The Metblogs one will be cool and fun if it goes through, and I think it’ll provide some insight. The other one, wow… I really didn’t think that would make it at all, and now that it did I’m kinda nervous. What the hell did I get myself into? Or maybe it’s a good thing. Who knows, anyway, um.. yeah.