There’s a post over on Gizmodo calling this AR15 modified to old a chainsaw as a bayonet “the ultimate zombie killing weapon.” It’s not, and actually it might be the worst most amature option out there. Let’e quickly review the reasons arming yourself with this during a zombie attack will lead straight to your demise:

  1. Requires ammo. This means that you will need to both reload as look for reserves. Reloading will mostly likely be required when it’s not convenient and eventually you will run out of ammo, making this useless.
  2. Requires gasoline. Presumably the chainsaw is gas powered and suffers from the same issues as ammo, it will run out, and will do that when you most need it leaving you helpless.
  3. Heavy as crap. Can you imagine how tiring carrying this around all day would be? I mean, look at the video, the dude almost drops it chopping off his foot after using it for just a few seconds. When faced with a zombie mob, you need to be agile and on your toes. This will leave you exhausted and clumsy.
  4. Noise attracts zombies and you know this thing is loud. So in addition to being bad at killing zombies for more than a few minutes, and leaving you tired from trying, this will alert other zombies to your whereabouts bringing them down on you in packs.

Clearly this is a poor zombie killing weapon. What a noob.