Just logged into facebook and was greeted with approx 150 friend requests which was just too much to deal with so I blanket ignored all of them. If I do I actually know you and you sent a request recently please resend it and I’ll try to be more on top of it. I’m kinda weird about it though and for the most part I try to only be “friends” with people I’m actually friends with, and generally won’t approve someone I’ve never met or talked to just because we have X number of mutual friends. That said, if we are working on similar stuff or interests, just include a note with the request that that will help a lot. Also, just a heads up in efforts to get more use out of the site I will probably be trimming down folks who I don’t know that well who flood me with invites to events (especially ones in cities I’m not in) or groups. Please don’t take this personally, it’s really just trying to get a better grasp on the signal to noise.