3634886148_d567760e30Seven weeks ago I began taking Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) classes with a few friends here in Los Angeles. Last night I graduated and got a fancy green helmet and vest and an official certificate with near realistic signatures (photo after the jump) that is almost suitable for framing to prove it. I wrote some thoughts about the class last week but all in all I’m glad I took it. It dragged at points but the info I got out of it was well worth it.

My biggest disappointment is that the class took place in Silver Lake so all of the community building aspects of it didn’t really apply to me since I no longer live in Silver Lake. There doesn’t seem to be an as active group in Venice and the one CERT coordinator I met who is active in my area explained it’s more of a larger area of coverage and less frequent group events. Of course I’m complaining about something I could volunteer to help change but I don’t know if that is a role I really want to take on at this point. Who knows. Anyway, my point is the class was worth it and I’m very glad I took it and I’m looking forward to the next levels and steps on this crazy journey.