As I mentioned in my earlier post today I’ve been writing a ton the last few days and making a decent dent into some projects I’ve just been day dreaming about for a while. One barrier I’ve been obsessing about but recently just decided to ignore and figure out later is how things fit together and what the overall message is.

I felt that I needed to know that before I got started.

I don’t know why that fool piece of advice was stuck in my head, because that’s actually the complete opposite of how I usually write. And by write I mean sort out what I’m thinking. Writing as always been my own form of self therapy and when something is on my mind the best way I’ve been able to sort it out and get my thoughts in order is to just start writing about it. If you’ve been reading this blog for more than 3-4 years you’ve seen that in action on countless occasions. But I look at those as one off rants even when they are just a piece of a bigger situation.

I think because these other writing projects are much larger I felt that I needed a clear roadmap so I’d know where to head but I think that was what was keeping me from getting started. I’ve tried to put that out of my head and just start writing and let it shape it self as it might. I had a stupid idea that I’d just write the whole thing and be done with it but in reality I’m going to write tons, write more, rewite a bunch, chop out a bunch and then see what is the common thread through it all.

That elusive common thread is what I always seem to be hunting for. I was talking to a friend tonight about “experience” in the context of the job market and when your experience is something specific, like doing a particular job for X years, that is easy to present to others. But when you “experience” is lots of “experience” in many areas it gets much harder to explain, but also more valuable to people who understand what that really means. With this writing I want it to be X years of a specific thing, but more likely it’s lots of loosely tied together things that are joined by a common thread that I just haven’t isolated yet.

Yeah, I’m sure that makes no sense to you at all. Sorry!