Dear Friends,

This was not an easy realization, nor is this an easy admission. Especially considering my history of very vocal opposition, it would be right for you to call me a hypocrite. I will accept that and take it into my heart, knowing that this acceptance will only help to make me a better person. I stand before you today, free of all excuses, to make this confession. I am an addict.

It’s true. For years now I’ve been addicted to e-mail.

I check it on my laptop, on my phone, hell sometimes I even borrow other peoples computers and check it through their web browsers. In a given day I might do this thousands of times. It’s embarrassing to admit, but there are days when I would start to check e-mail in the morning and realize hours later that I’ve done nothing else with my day. When I started having dreams about Inbox Zero, I knew I had to do something.

I’m not proud of this, but I’m hoping with your strength and support I can help beat it. Admitting this here today is my first step.

Now I know this sounds frightening but I assure you I’m working closely with the best doctors in the field and they have assured me I have not past the point of no return. There is a bright future for me, if I am dedicated to reaching it. And I am, I promise you that.

I am going into rehab for this addition and at the very strict orders of these professionals I will not be checking e-mail more than once a week. This is a drastic measure I know, but sometimes that is what is required.

I know there will be detractors who will argue this will make me harder to reach, but don’t be silly. Of course I’ll still be online and reachable 24/7 through any number of other communication methods. Just not e-mail. The people who will make those claims are the pushers, the dealers, the modern day wine merchants and purveyors of this e-mail plague that are plaguing our minds with their plague.

Stand with me, stand against them.

I just want to thank you in advance for your support, with your courage I know I can beat this demon. We will beat it together.