Skipping the photo this time in exchange for a packing list. Tonight I leave town for 2 weeks heading to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. I’m Platinum level with AAdvantage so when I fly American Airlines all the carry on/weight limit rules don’t apply to me, this time however I’m flying Cathay Pacific so I actually have to take this all into account because I refuse to check luggage unless absolutely unavoidable, especially internationally, especially on discount airlines.

So according to the rules I’m allowed one carry on which can not exceed 15.4 lbs and is not larger than 22x14x9 inches. I’m also allowed one additional item such as a laptop and case, camera bag or purse, though that can’t exceed 9 lbs. This is going to be tricky…

First of all I’m implementing a few of my tried and true packing tips. I’m wearing the bulkiest, heaviest items I’m bringing (long pants, long sleeve shirt, rain coat, etc). I’m not bringing any basic bathroom stuff that I’ll be able to just buy when I get there (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc). I’m planning to do laundry in the hotel room so a lot of the items I’m bringing are made with quick drying material.

Also, I hate carrying 2 bags, but need to in order to game that weight restriction. That said, ideally, once I’m past inspection I’ll be able to put the laptop bag into my larger carry on so I need to make sure there is room for that. To my advantage is the climate where I’m headed – hot and humid. This means the clothes I’m bringing are generally lightweight to begin with and I don’t need any heavy jackets.

So here’s the packing list (includes what I’m wearing on the flight):

3x underwear
4x socks
3x quick drying/ moisture wicking t-shirts
2x cotton t-shirts
1x quick drying/ moisture wicking long sleeve shirt
1x wrinkle free button long sleeve shirt
1x short sleeve button shirt
1x black pants (dickies)
1x shorts (dickies)
1x bathing suit
1x raincoat

Bathroom stuff:
1x toothbrush
1x hair shit
1x deodorant
1x brush
1x floss
3x suntan lotion mini tubes
1x bottle melatonin

Misc stuff:
1x Sigg water bottle
1x compass
1x whistle
3x energy shots
6x pro bars
1x sweat wrist band
1x kerchief

Tech stuff:
1x laptop
1x laptop case
1x laptop power cord
1x iphone
1x iphone charger USB
1x ipod touch
1x camera
1x camera battery charger
1x power converter
1x mini powerstrip
2x Thumb drives with media
1x flashlight
1x business cards box
2x bike lights
1x bose noise canceling headphones
1x iphone headphones
1x laptop lock cable

5.11 Backpack (MAIN)
Tote bag as secondary
Mini hide away folding backpack (this rolls into itself and clips on a zipper pull. It’s mostly for walking around in country when i don’t know if I’ll need a bag, but don’t want to carry extra stuff)
3x packing cubes
1x wire bag

This all fit into the main bag at 15.1 lbs and the tote bag at 10 lbs. I know that is over the limit but if they give me crap I’ll put something else in my pocket so I think I should be OK. Admittedly there are some areas I could shave off even more if I needed too – I could axe some of those bathroom items assuming I can also buy those when I land but I like the brands I have so squeezing them in. the iPod touch is mostly just a back up ebook reader for the flight in case my iphone battery dies.